Kornél Rózsavölgyi

PhD student at the University of Debrecen at Department of Meteorology



2007: MSc Geographer diploma with two honors at University of Szeged
(specialized in 1. Environmental Science, 2. Geoinformatics) 


Further vocational training:

2008: Grid user and application developer (EGEE)


Contact details:

Room: A04
Phone: +36-52-512-900  ext.: 22366
Fax: +36-52-512-927
E-mail: rozsavolgyi@tigris.unideb.hu 


Postal address

University of Debrecen
Department of Meteorology
PO BOX: 13
Egyetem street 1.



1. Renewable energy sources: Wind energy

My research is on the spatial allocation of possible wind energy usage. I would like to carry this out with a self-developed model (Complex Multifactoral Polygenetic Adaptive Model = CMPAM), which basically is a climate-oriented system, but other kind of factors are also considered such as physical geography, landscape ecology, factors of economy etc. The wind field modeling core (wind field sub-module) is based on geostatistics, atmospheric physics and GIS. With the complex analyses of CMPAM the possible sites for the utilization of wind energy can be determined under the previously given conditions.

2. Digital terrain modeling with GIS

Digital terrain models (DTM) and digital elevation models (DEM) are made from STRM or from other sources by the help of GIS.

3. Urban climate

3D digital building models of a town are made for further flow evaluation for urban climate modeling.



  • University of Debrecen at Department of Meteorology 2007 –
    • Atmospheric energy sources
    • Statistical climatology (for meteorologists)
    • Applied GIS in earth sciences
  • University of Szeged at Department of Climatology and Landscape Ecology 2004 – 2007
    • Bases of cartography practice
    • Cartography practice
    • Cartography survey and calculations fieldwork
    • Climatic statistics
    • Introduction to climatology
    • General climatology






  1. 2008: Application of Universitas Foundation 
  2. 2007: Application of Golder Associates
  3. 2007: Application of Péter Lednitzky for outstanding scientific performance
  4. 2007: Application of Prominent student of University of Szeged
  5. 2005, 2006 and 2007: Scientific Research Application for Students

Honours, awards:

  1. 2007: Discipuli pro Universitate award for high-class research results and educational activity. University of Szeged.
  2. 2007: Distinction of Prominent student of University of Szeged
  3. 2007: Distinction of Péter Lednitzky for outstanding scientific performance
  4. 2007: Special award of 28th National SSC: University of All knowledge, presentation award



Last update: 04.04.2008.