Dr. Sándor Szegedi

Head of Department, Associate Professor
University of Debrecen - Department of Meteorology


1999: PhD (Geography) at University of Debrecen
1998: English special translator (Geography) at University of Debrecen
1994: History and Geography at University of Debrecen

Contact details:

Room: A/9
Phone: +36 52-512-900 ext.: 22362
Fax: +36 52-512-927
E-mail: szegedis@puma.unideb.hu

Postal address:

University of Debrecen
Department of Meteorology
PO BOX: 4010
Egyetem street 1.

Research Activities 

1. Urban climatology:

    I took part in a complex comprehensive urban climate research project with the Department of Landscape Ecology and Climatology of the University of Szeged on the climate modification effects of Debrecen and Szeged. I carried out examinations on the development and main characteristics of the urban heat island (the thermal differences between the city and its rural countryside) in Debrecen between 2001 and 2004. In the frame of Bolyai János scholarship of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences I launched examinations on the spatial and temporal dynamics of the urban heat islands in small and medium sized towns between 2002-2005. Research will be continued with the financial support of Hungarian Scientific Research Found from late 2007. 

2. Meteorological field measurements:

    I take part in local- and forest microclimate research programs, which are conventional fields of research at our department. 

3. Renewable energies:

    Within research projects on the climatologic background of the utilization of renewable energy sources my field is the technical support of the measurements: selection, installation and maintenance of instruments, field measurements, which provide datasets for subsequent statistical and/or GIS analyses. 

4. Pedology:

    Mobility of heavy metals in urban soils using AAS techniques.


  • Climate of Hungary
  • Climatology for environmental scientist
  • Historical climatology of Carpathian basin
  • General Climatology
  • Climatology
  • Environmental climatology




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