Dr. habil. Károly Tar 

Associate Professor
University of Debrecen - Department of Meteorology

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University of Debrecen
Department of Meteorology
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Curiculum vitae of Dr. habil. Károly Tar

I was born in Kunhegyes on 27th October 1947. I finished the secondary school in Karcag, and took my final examination at the secondary school in 1966. That year I was admitted to the Kossuth University (now: University of Debrecen) as a mathematics-physics student, and took my degree in 1971. Since my graduation I have worked in the Department of Meteorology of the Kossuth University. In 1978 I graduated as a meteorologist in the Eötvös University. I am a candidate of geography (CSc), and I have PhD degree. In 1997 I was qualified as a professor in the Faculty of Science of the Eötvös University. I have base and medium state level for Russian and English, respectively. I became a lecturer in 1978. In 1989 I was nominated to associate professor. I was a temporary head of the meteorological department from first of March to 30th of June 1991. Since that I have been the nominated head of this department.

I have participated in the educational work in the department since I began to work here. First I held seminars in meteorology and statistics, and organised and led summer field trips. Later, I held special course in computer science, and gave lectures in general meteorology. Our present work in the graduate education: General meteorology, Aerology, Aerological resources, Bioclimatology, Statistics, Introduction to the application a program language in earth sciences; in post-graduate (Phd) education: Mathematical statistics, Agrometeorology; in correspondence education: General meteorology, Climatology. In 1996 the Kossuth University published my text-book entitled 'General Meteorology' for geography and environmental science students.

My first research work was to elaborate a model by which radiation input of sloping surfaces can approximately be estimated. This topic is connected to the traditional research field of the department. Topic of university doctor thesis was also the same (Connection of radiation onto slopes of different exposition and horizontal surfaces) that was defended in 1974. Later, I began to deal with statistical structure of wind, which is quite important for use of climatology and wind energy. My results concerning statistical features of wind direction, wind speed and potential wind energy -- after a diploma work and several papers -- were summarised in a CSc thesis (Complex statistical analysis of wind climate in Hungary) defended in 1986. Some years ago I began to research possibility of detection of the supposed global climate change based on climatological time series. Recently, I try to connect these two topics, and I study the effect of the significantly detected global warming up on statistical structure of wind field in Hungary. However, I am also interested in radiation input and radiation modification of different surfaces, as well as its bioclimatological and urban climatological concerns. I gained OTKA grants in these topics. My results was presented in ten international and several Hungarian conferences, the annual Meteorological Scientific Days and other scientific meetings.

I was inventor, organiser and lecturer of the following Hungarian scientific symposiums and conferences: Mathematical statistics and its computer methods in climatology (1987); Memorial scientific meeting for 145th anniversary of the birth of Kabos Hegyfoky (1992); Forest and climate (1994); Memorial scientific meeting for 95th anniversary of the birth of Professor Dénes Berényi; First national conference of meteorology Phd students (1996); II. Forest and climate (1997), Second national conference of meteorology Phd students (1999). III. Forest and climate (2000).

I regard this successful conferences -- whose lectures were published in proceeding volumes -- as prominent products of my scientific career. Beside these, I also consider as prominent products my book entitled 'Complex statistical analysis of wind climate in Hungary' (published by the Hungarian Meteorological Service), which is a version of my CSc thesis. Similarly, I esteem highly the monograph entitled 'Climate of Debrecen' written together with Professor János Justyák, which got into the Slavic and Eastern-European Collection of The British Library.

Now, I am the consultant of two Phd students; the third gained his university leaving certificate in the last term, and the forth gained his Phd degree at the beginning of last year. The latter published his result in an international scientific journal. Two of them presented their results in the conference for Phd students in metrology, three of them held presentation in the 'Forest and Climate' conference, and one, who is a Hungarian having foreign citizenship, participated in the HUNGEO Conference.

Since our department has a complex research program, beside education, I regard its co-ordination my other important task as the head of department. We elaborated a complex forest research program. Based on an OTKA grant and the Síkfõkút Project, this program successfully finished. Results were presented in three 'Forest and Climate' conferences, and were summarised in a volume entitled "Study on thermal and water balance of the forest association in Síkfõkút -- climate change and forest decay". Beside this, we have continued to study features of wind climate, climate change, urban climate.

My special awards:

Award of the Zsigmond Róna Foundation (1986, Hungarian Meteorological Society), Elemér Szádeczky-Kardoss Prize (1991, Hung. Acad. Sci.), Special Literature Prize (1994, Hungarian Meteorological Society), Lajos Steiner Commemorative Medal (1996, Hungarian Meteorological Society), Pro Meteorologia (1999, Ministry of Environmental Protection).


University of Debrecen/Kossuth University: nominated head of the Department of Meteorology (from 1st July 1991 to 30th June 1994; from 1st July 1994 to 30th June 1997; 1st July 1997 to 30th June 2000). President of Co-ordination Committee of the Earth Science Institute (from 1st July 1993 to 30th June 1994, and at present). Elected member of the Committee of the Faculty of Science of the Kossuth University.

Out of the University of Debrecen/Kossuth University: Elected member of the Meteorological Scientific Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science (from 1996), member of Climatic and Agrometeorological Sub-Committee of this committee, elected president of the Meteorological Work-Committee of the Environmental Special Committee of the Debrecen Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science (1995-2000), elected member of the Board of the Hungarian Meteorological Society (from 1991), elected president of Debrecen Group of the Hungarian Meteorological Society (from 1989), elected president of Hungarian Wind Energy Association (1999).

 Editor and lecturer activity: I am a member of the editorial board of the Acta Geographica ac Geologica et Meteorologica Debrecina and the Időjárás, the Qartely Journal of the Hungarian Meteorological Service. I edited the proceeding volumes of above mentioned conferences organised by us. I criticised two Phd dissertations and two Phd re-qualification applications. I lectured János Unger's and Csaba Károssy text- and Ferenc Rákóczi's book entitled Atmosphere, our living-space. I lectured four papers for journal Időjárás, and one MAKA and seven OTKA applications.

I have been a Széchenyi Professorship Scholar from 1st of January 1999. 

Most important publications from 2000:  

  • Tar, K. - Makra, L. – Horváth, Sz.(2000): Some statistical characteristics of the wind energy in Hungary in connection with climatic change. 3rd European Conference on Applied Climatology (CD-ROM, ISBN 88-900502-0-9), Pisa, Italy 
  • Tar, K. – Kircsi, A. – Szegedi, S. (2001):  A possible statistical estimation of wind energy. Proceedings of the European Wind Energy Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2-6 July, pp. 886-889. 
  • Tar, K. – Makra, L. – Horváth, Sz. – Kircsi, A. (2001): Temporal change of some statistical characteristics of wind speed in the Great Hungarian Plane. Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Vol. 69, No.1-2, pp. 69-79. 
  • Tar, K.,  L. Makra,  and A. Kircsi, (2001): Temporal change of some statistical characteristics of wind speed in Hungary. India, M. B. and Bonillo, D. L. (eds.): Detecting and Modelling Regional Climate Change. Springer-Verlag, pp. 251-262. 
  • Tar, K. – Kircsi, A. – Vágvölgyi, S. (2002): Temporal changes of wind energy in connection with the climatic change. Proceedings of the Global Windpower Conference and Exhibition, Paris, France, 2-5 April, CD-ROM. 
  • Tar, K. (2003): Temporal and territorial alteration of energetic parameters of the wind directions. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Heat Engines and Environmental Protection, May 26-28, 2003, Hotel Uni, Balatonfüred, Hungary, pp. 127-132. 
  • Tar, K. – Kircsi, A. – Vágvölgyi, S. (2003): Relationship between the energy and the change of direction of the wind. Proceedings CD-ROM 2, European Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, 16-19 June 2003 – Madrid, Spain.  
  • Tar, K. – Verdes, E. (2003): Temporal change of some statistical characteristics of wind direction over Hungary. Időjárás, 107, 2, pp. 153-170. 
  • Tar, K. – Baros, Z. – Szegedi S. (2005): Stability of wind direction under various weather conditions during the growing season. 17th International Congress of Biometeorology. Deutscher Wetterdienst, Annalen der Meteorologie, 41. Vol.1. pp. 86-89. 
  • Tar, K.- Szegedi, S. -Puskás,J. – Nagy, É.(2005): Relationship between the Energy and Stability of the Wind. Proceedings of 9th International Congress on Mechanization and Energy in Agriculture & 27th International Conference of CIGR IV. Ege University, Izmir, Turkey, pp. 306-311.  
  • Dobi, I. – Varga, B. - Tar, K. – Tóth, L. – Gergen, I. – Csebterics, D. (2006): Summary of Hungarian wind and solar energy project. Proceedings of International Conference on Climate Change: Impact and Responses in Central and Eastern European Countries,  pp. 289-293. 
  • Tar, K. (2006): Energetic characterization of near surface windfield in Hungary. Renewable and sustainable Energy Reviews  (in print). DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2006.05.007 
  • Tar, K. (2007): Some statistical characteristics of monthly average wind speed at various heights. Renewable and sustainable Energy Reviews  (in print). DOI: 10.1016/j.rser.2007.01.14 


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