Tamás Tóth

PhD student at the University of Debrecen at Department of Meteorology


2004 - 2005: Study at University of Oldenburg (Germany)
2003: Geographer diploma at University of Debrecen

Contact details:

Room: A4
Phone: +36-52-512-900  ext.: 22366
Fax: +36-52-512-927
E-mail: tamas.toth1@gmail.com

Postal address

University of Debrecen
Department of Meteorology
PO BOX: 4010
Egyetem street 1.


Complex examinations on the acceptance, conditions of utilization, and social-economic background of renewable energies. The survey of social attitude is carried out via questionnaires and statistical analyses of the results. Energetic wind measurements using anemometers mounted on a meteorological measurement tower at heights of 10 and 20 meters and a wind direction sensor mounted at a height of 10 meters. Statistical analyses of the data gained that way.



  • Meteorological instruments
  • Atmospherical energy sources
  • Meteorology and climatology 2
  • Renewable energy sources and sustainable development
  • Climatology




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